Event MC

Are you contemplating having a professional MC for your event? We started our professional MC journey by being the loud funny kids at weddings, who got asked to help on the wedding day, so, we’re here to help!

As your MC, we’re responsible for steering the party bus for the whole night – think of your MC as your personal party starter!

Knowing your big day is key! There might be traditional things like cake cutting, speeches… the list goes on! You can rest assured that we capture all of that information, and put in place a timeline and a plan that works for you.

We also ensure that we speak to your venue prior, to collect any important information like smoking areas, toilets, emergency exits, and all the boring stuff we need to know, so there’s no disruption in the flow of presenting your evening. A well planned and researched MC is a professional one!

Setting the mood for the night is super important for the MC – we liase with your other suppliers, like your DJ/band so we’re all on the same wavelength, and don’t have any “dead air” time. We stay in contact throughout the night with your musicians, to lift, drop, or keep the mood where it’s at.

Whilst we all love a little bit of comedy, you can rest assured that there is genuine love and joy in what we do, and we communicate that to your guests, and take you all through a joyous night, filled with love, joy and a little bit of humour.

Speaking of working with your suppliers – if you’ve got other suppliers for your event, like a photobooth, lawn games, or a dessert buffet, we ensure your guests use them throughout the night! We also ensure that we stay to time, without making you feel rushed, and we work with the flow of your whole evening – we work directly with caterers, photographers, music, video… you name it, we’re aware of it!

As your MC, you can rest assured that we will not be hogging the microphone all night, and don’t worry, we won’t let *that* guest get hold of it either.

We’re there to be your party starters, continuers, and your biggest send off for the night. We ensure that all of your guests feel welcome and have fun throughout the night. And those tricky speeches? We’ll be there in the background (with a box of tissues if needed… or perhaps a shepherd’s hook!) supporting the enjoyment of the event.

So, if you’re ready for a stress-free event, you know who to call! (and we promise it’s not Ghostbusters…)